2015 Footlocker Training Schedule

All Footlocker runners must register with Western Footlocker as early as possible. Go to http://www.footlockercc.com/ to register or better yet send in the entry form (Included) with your entry fee. They are taking 10 to Nationals. Before they only allowed eight.

You must train with consistency. It will be impossible to develop the conditioning without consistent training.


Supervision: I hope to be with you on some of the hard days. The training may be difficult unless we can get some of the other guys to run with you.

Weather: Your training runs will probably be affected by the weather and road conditions. We may have to adjust some of the workouts based on the weather.

Workload: Your mileage has dropped as the regular season has come to a close. I would suggest bringing mileage back up to high mileage immediately after active rest. Run high mileage for about 3 weeks and then start to reduce mileage during the last two weeks before Footlocker. DonÕt run yourself into the ground. If tired back off.

Hills: Because Mt. SAC is rather hilly you should emphasize hills in your daily runs. Cemetery Hill, Lawrence Park Hill (up to club house) Herron Park is also a great place to run hill repeats.

Fun: Run Indian, surprise surges and anything that can break up the daily routine. Hopefully you can find somebody else to run with. Include the other guys that arenÕt going to Footlocker, especially on long runs.

Adjusting the schedule: Make adjustments to meet your schedule.

Training schedule: I have used this training schedule and runners have had success using the workouts listed. Of course vary the schedule as you see fit.

November 1-Sunday: 60 minutes - Easy pace (Comfortable)

November 2-Monday: 50 minutes - Easy pace and 6 X 100's

Nov 3-Tuesday 3 X 1 mile repeats (Lawrence Park would be a good place for mile repeats.

Nov. 4 Wednesday: 50 minutes easy

Nov. 5- Thursday: Run about one mile fast (One complete circuit on the flat around Lawrence Park) and then run up the Lawrence Park Hill to the clubhouse. Repeat three times.

Nov. 6 Friday: 60 minutes

Nov. 7 Saturday: Run 7-9 miles (You could make Saturday short and easy and Sunday long)

Nov. 8 Sunday: Run easy – 40-50 minutes

Nov.9 Monday: Run out and back on the bypass. Try to make it back to the point where you started in the same time. I was thinking 15 out and the same back. Remember to push all the way. Your speed will be tempo speed. Zach could make it to highway 93 and back.

Nov. 10 Tuesday: 55 minutes and 10 X 100's -Strides

Nov.11 Wednesday: 2-3 X Oregon 1600-meters at Woodland or on the track. Good recovery between each 1600 (OPTION: ONE THE 15 OUT AND 15 BACK-TEMPO)

Nov. 12 Thursday: 40 Minutes-Easy

Nov. 13-Friday: Trail run or run hill repeats on grass if you can find it. Cemetery Hill might work. Clubhouse Hill would be good or Herron Park Hill.

Nov. 14-Saturday: Long run

Nov. 15-Sunday: Easy run of 30-50 minutes


Nov. 16-Monday: Run a fast 800-1600 meters fast and then up a steep hill. Herron would be good but it gets dark early. Do what works best for you.

Nov. 17-Tuesday: 30-40 Minutes-Easy

Nov 18-Wednesday: 3 X 400 followed by 15-minute tempo run followed by 3 X 400 (NAU =Drill) 400Õs should be about 65 seconds.

Nov. 19-Thursday: 30-40 minutes

Nov 20-Friday: Run at least nine miles

Nov. 21-Saturday: Short easy run or day of rest

Nov. 22-Sunday: 50 minutes easy

Nov. 23-Monday: 12 X 400 with short recovery followed by a 10-minute easy run (Speed-70 seconds per lap)

Nov 24 –Tuesday: Recovery run of 30-40 minutes

Nov. 25- Wedneday: Surge workout of 2-3-4-1 minutes (Repeat) Short recovery jog between each surge

Nov. 26-Thursday: 30 Minute run easy

Nov. 27-Friday: Long run of 6-7 miles

Nov. 28-Saturday: Day off or 30 minute run

Nov. 29-Sunday: 50 minutes easy

Nov 30-Monday: One fast mile at Lawrence Park if possible

Dec. 1 – Tuesday: Easy 30 minutes-6X40 seconds (Strides)

Dec 2 –Wednesday: Easy 30-40 minutes

Nov. 3–Thursday (This could be a travel day)

December 4 Friday – Run the course

December 5 Saturday – Race day. I have learned over the years going out too fast is a common mistake. Kurt Michels (Flathead) should have placed but went out too fast placed 10th and did not make National. You must be in the top 15 or so and then move up on the backside leading to the last hill. This was the tactic that Vidal and Watkins used and they placed first and third.

If you are running age group races use the same strategy as listed above.